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Name:A Discussion Community for All Things Guro
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A discussion hub for fans of guro.
Welcome to the Charnel House: for all your guro discussion needs! Have a burning question about stab wounds for your latest fic? Got a plot idea you need some help with? Saw something awesome that you want to share with the class? Come on in, and don't mind the mess.

A few ground rules:

1) Play nice. Don't be rude to fellow posters or put down other people's kinks or preferences.

2) Put all pictures and long blocks of text under a cut. Don't post a link without a description of what the link leads to.

3) Anon commenting is on and will remain on unless there is a very serious problem.

4) Absolutely no real-life gore pictures. This is a hard rule and you will be permanently banned and your post deleted if you break it. Stills or gifs from movies/photoshoots/etc are fine. Discussion of fictional works based on true stories is allowed, as is answering (for instance) medical or anatomy questions with real-life examples, but please try to keep discussion of actual events to a minimum.

5) Because of the nature of the topic, the Charnel House has a blanket "choose not to warn" policy. You may add content notes to your post if you choose but we will not be policing this. Please proceed at your own risk.

6) If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to contact [personal profile] jack_of_none by Dreamwidth message.
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